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Career Management, Purpose Exploration and Transition Coaching

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Our coaches have vast experience guiding executives, managers, and professionals at all experience levels toward career fulfillment.  Our career coaching programs range in length from 3 to 6 months or more, and include ongoing support until transition is complete.  As a career management client, you can choose from a menu of services depending on your individual needs.  These include:

  • Clarifying your personal mission, vision, and core values
  • Discovering your strengths, personality type, and roles that align with who you are
  • Crystallizing your career objective and elevator story in a compelling way
  • Communicating your brand to effectively speak to your target audience through your resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, and 1 to 2-minute commercial
  • Identifying your company potentials and finding ways to connect with them
  • Honing interview skills to fully showcase your value proposition
  • Negotiating your best deal
  • Maximizing the first 100 days on the job
  • Navigating relationships in the new role to optimize success and fulfillment

Finding Purpose & Meaning at Work

In an ideal world, work is a vehicle for living our purpose and leaving a legacy.  When we are able to use our talents and skills and work for an organization that shares our values, we experience flow.   We bring the positive energy of flow to our roles as partners, parents, and community members.  The ripple effect of being in flow on our lives and the lives of our loved ones can be transformational.  Some questions to consider:    

  • Where are you relative to your ideal self?  Your potential?
  • How energized do you feel going to work every day? 
  • How well is your job aligned to your strengths, values, and passion?
  • How connected do you feel to your organization’s mission, values, and culture?   

Maybe you’ve been successful in your career but you’re no longer feeling fulfilled at work, and need help gaining clarity on your next move.  Or perhaps you’re clear on your career direction, but need support in navigating the job search, interviewing, and negotiating.


"I can honestly say that the experience and value of working with my coach has been a critical element in securing a new job.  The ability to discuss confidential and specific situations with a trusted third party and to receive relevant, solid feedback has been invaluable to me."

-- Career Coaching Client