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Marco Bombardi, CPC

Marco Bombardi - Leadership and Executive Coach

Marco Bombardi brings over 20 years of experience across multiple industries and cultures to his work as an Executive Coach. He helps purpose-driven leaders and business owners gain perspective, get a clear definition of success and achieve it.

Parallel to his accomplished executive career in the Digital space, Marco has been coaching for over ten years, always with vision and strategy at the core of his process. Marco is also the Founder of the Growth Studio Polaris Digital, where he combines his coaching skills with business strategy, marketing, digital technologies and beyond to help purpose-driven business owners grow their businesses.

Specialties: Vision Development and Activation, Strategic Decision Making, Thriving in the Digital Age, Systems and Lean Thinking, Managing Stress and Energy, Ikigai and Kaizen living.


An avid learner, Marco holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology from Mackenzie University in Brazil, has a Strategy & Communications Certificate from UCLA Anderson School of Management and is a trained Personal and Corporate Coach by CoachU. Marco takes full advantage of books, technology and new media to incorporate learning from the best in the world about their craft and wisdom into his daily life.

Marco's Story

Growing up in a middle class family in Brazil I was taught a life of hard work and survival. I wasn’t particularly gifted at school or sports. It was my curiosity about the world, creativity and ability to strategically solve problems that stood out. I taught myself the guitar, English and computers, an early interest which organically became my career.
A few years into my career I developed the first north star vision for my life. That would lead me to strategically position myself so I could immigrate to the US in my mid-20’s. I then grew my US career in the Digital space to a modest level of success, reaching my first vision, shortly after developing a fresh one to pursue. My second vision would lead me to pivot my career positioning and to double my income in a few years while doing work that better leverage my strengths, also making it more enjoyable. I'm currently living my third life vision. My Ikigai.

Through this process I discovered coaching, began hiring coaches to accelerate my progress and once I realized its alignment with my natural abilities I completed training and became a coach. I’m honored to coach my clients on their vision and strategy for their lives, careers and businesses. Over ten years later I continue looking forward to each and every session.

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