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Marco Bombardi, CPC

Marco Bombardi - Leadership and Executive Coach

Marco Bombardi brings over 20 years of experience across multiple industries and cultures to his work as an Executive Coach. He helps leaders find success and fulfillment by clarifying their priorities, uncovering work that gives them energy and harmoniously integrating that work into the bigger picture of their lives for the long run.

Parallel to his accomplished executive career in the Digital space, Marco has been coaching leaders in a variety of settings, countries, and industries for over ten years. His coaching approach is founded in the latest thinking in high-performance, wellness, mindset, Digital business, and technology.

Marco is passionate about coaching executives, entrepreneurs, driven individuals and graduate students seeking a life that combines success and fulfillment, actualizing their potential well into their retirement years.


Digital Business, Strategic Decision Making, Adopting an Empowering Mindset, Systems, and Lean Thinking, Enduring Challenging Times, Integrating Life and Work, Managing Stress and Energy, Life and Retirement Design, Navigating Health Decisions, Wellness Optimization, Thriving in Retirement.


An avid learner, Marco holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology from Mackenzie University in Brazil, has a Strategy & Communications Certificate from UCLA Anderson School of Management and is a trained Personal and Corporate Coach by CoachU. Marco takes full advantage of books, technology, and new media to incorporate learning from the best in the world about their craft and wisdom into his daily life.

Marco's Story

Growing up in a middle-class family in Brazil I was taught a life of hard work and survival. I wasn’t particularly gifted at school or sports. It was my curiosity about the world, my ability to think strategically and my drive to creatively solve problems that stood out. I taught myself the guitar, English and computers, an early interest which organically became my career.

My drive to learn and grow brought me to immigrate to the United States in my mid-20’s. A few years later an insight led me to turn my learning, systems thinking and problem-solving skills towards my most impactful problem: Optimizing my life. Soon after starting that process, I came across a quote that captured my sentiment.

'Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from.'

- Seth Godin

How about that? A life where any given Tuesday can be so good that it feels on par with - better than? - a great vacation day!

At that stage of my life, I had built a successful career as a technology professional and was geared to further professional growth, but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my health and fulfillment or defer living until retirement. My goal became crystal clear: to optimize my life by combining career success, health, and deep personal fulfillment into a vibrant life, right there and then.

I hired a coach, read voraciously and learned as fast as I could, studying and reflecting for hours a day, re-prioritizing and taking steps toward my vision, while continuously refining it. Many of my assumptions and beliefs were reevaluated and changed. Having experienced the power of coaching, its alignment with my strengths and personality traits, I undertook Coaching training and started my parallel career as a Coach.

Fifteen years, two kids, several environment changes and a career shift later, I find myself the healthiest I’ve ever been, running marathons and climbing mountains, living a full family life, enjoying authentic relationships and watching my clients thrive. I’m challenging myself through two careers, continuously learning and optimizing, and succeeding beyond my childhood beliefs.

It’s been said that the best coaches also know how to play. Early on I made the decision to do my life’s work from inside the arena rather than from the metaphorical mountaintop. I wanted to be of service and have an impact on the world. It was a deliberate choice to lead a more complex life but also a fuller life of legacy and significance.

After over a decade of growth and insights I have distilled my personal philosophy into seven words: ‘Learn from the Wise, Teach the Hungry’. Coaching is a key element of my personal philosophy in action. While my work in the Digital space enables me to help organizations realize business value from transformative technologies, Coaching allows me to apply my skills and experiences in service of individuals and teams, helping them thrive.

If you are hungry for more of what truly matters to you and ready to do the work to get there, I’d be thrilled to speak with you.

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