Women's Embodied Leadership Retreat: Cultivating Executive Presence From the Inside Out

Women's Embodied Leadership Retreat: Cultivating Executive Presence From the Inside Out

Friday, November 15—Sunday, November 17
South Haven, Michigan (An easy 2-hour drive from Chicago)

Led by Robin Ross, OptimizeU Leadership Coaching & Sharyn Galindo, Founder, North Shore Yoga

The retreat will be co-facilitated by Sharyn Galindo and Robin Ross. Sharyn and Robin are both certified teachers for Search Inside Yourself, a 2-day workshop born at Google that combines mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to help you optimize your performance, relationships, leadership and well-being. Both women are passionate about leveraging these mindfulness, emotional intelligence and somatic tools to help women gain greater self-awareness and become resilient and remarkable leaders.

How do you show up as a leader at work and in life? Do you feel like the authentic, centered, confident and resilient leader you aspire to be? Or do you feel more like a duck in a pond— trying to maintain the illusion of calm as you paddle furiously beneath the surface to keep up with life's constant and competing demands? As women who juggle multiple identities and priorities, we've all likely experienced that duck-like feeling during our careers, along with the accompanying stories we tell ourselves that compound our stress and self-doubt. What we fail to recognize, however, is that these chronic, fear-based mind states and emotions become neurophysiological habits that not only shape our thoughts, actions and perception of the world, but also shape how others perceive and respond to us.

The Women's Embodied Leadership Retreat will explore the powerful connection between our brains and our bodies, and how we can use awareness of this interconnected system to cultivate executive presence from the inside out. During the weekend retreat we will draw from neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and somatic practices—such as body scans and yoga—to help you gain greater self-awareness, resilience and equanimity (even when paddling furiously), enabling you to achieve a more powerful and connected leadership presence.

The Embodied Leadership Retreat is designed for women who want to:

  • Reconnect with their values, motivations and purpose and better align these with their leadership vision.
  • Gain greater self-awareness of unconscious mental and physical habit patterns to cultivate a more confident and powerful executive and leadership presence.
  • Learn to use meditation and mindfulness-based practices to enhance focus, emotional awareness, equanimity and overall well-being.
  • Connect with and learn from other women who share similar aspirations and challenges, as we create a new paradigm for women’s leadership.

Retreat Details:

  • $1,500 Single Room with full amenities and private bath.
  • Price is per person.
  • All inclusive, covering room, program fee, all meals, snacks and drinks (Including wine & beer)
  • Space is limited. Reserve your spot today!


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