COVID-19 Resources

The Coronavirus global crisis is impacting businesses and individual careers.


We are committed to providing support and resources during the pandemic for our communities. Below is a list of resources available to you free of charge. One of the best ways to ensure resilience, optimism and motivation for yourself and/or your organization can be to take time to think strategically both personally and professionally in partnership with a coach.  Coaching by phone or video conferencing works very well and is often the preferred method for many clients. If we can assist more personally, please reach out to us at  We hope that these resources will be of service to you and wish you health and well-being.

November 2020 update:  Determined to make a difference for healthcare workers and frontline caregivers who are struggling with extreme escalation of stress, burnout, mental health and well-being as a result of the demands brought on by the pandemic, four like-minded friends joined forces to launch Care for Givers (  This website offers mindfulness practices that have been curated for frontline workers and caregivers, drawing on the vast experience of Shahnaz Broucek (Founder, OptimizeU), Ashley Nelson (Founder, INSEUS), Robin Ross (Partner, OptimizeU) and Sharyn Galindo (Founder, True North Yoga & Wellness).  The site will be offered free of charge throughout the pandemic, with gratitude and appreciation to the healthcare and frontline workers and caregivers who put their lives on the line every day for our communities.