Client Reviews

  • Lisa added very valuable career information to my "bag" of strategic career goals and knowledge.  She met with me ... when I was working in a very negative situation.  I truly appreciated Lisa lending a caring ear and giving me one-on-one career advice.  Many times, you never know how much you affect an individual with your work.  Lisa was a big encouragement.

    Olivia C, DDS
  • The Executive Coaching Program  has done nothing short of changing my life. The personal tools that it equipped me with to properly analyze both my situation and myself allowed me to have a new perspective. My summer internship did not progress as well as I hoped for. I realized that that role was no longer the type of function that I wanted to pursue. Instead of completely checking out for the remainder of the summer, Shahnaz helped me to change my perspective and to see it as an opportunity to work on personal development. I would have never thought on my own to utilize my time in this manner. The tools that she taught me are invaluable and are tools that I will use in my career going forward to make sure that I am making the most of my environment even when things are not ideal. The encouragement to own the experience and see the silver lining with specific action items to do so surpassed my expectations of the program. The ability to increase my self- awareness and become a better person is an experience that I would highly recommend to all MBA professionals. No amount of money could define the worth that this program has offered to me. The change that they helped to catalyze keeps me eternally grateful to both my coach and the program.

    Anita B.
  • Lisa helped me figure out the next phase of my career and most importantly, urged me to really listen to my inner voice.   I will be doing more of that in the future!  She really kickstarted this journey of self-discovery I've been on these past few months and I am truly grateful.

    D.S., MD
  • I started my executive coaching with Shahnaz as part of my MBA program. What started as a series of simple conversations ended up becoming some really profound insights I discovered during my calls with her. Shahnaz was deeply involved throughout the process and I could feel her passion. I was also impressed to see how she found out the real matter from deep or sometimes even vague discussions. She is proficient in asking the right, open-ended questions. The best part of my experience of working with her – I never felt she was trying to teach me something, she was rather helping me find the answer myself. I feel greatly satisfied to have worked with her and I think she is a great coach to be with.

    Tarun B.
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