How You Benefit When You Stop Blaming Your Boss

Your boss is a jerk. You've had lots of opportunity to see it differently, but he shows up consistently angry and blaming others. What's your reaction to the situation? Do you shut down and go silent? Defend yourself or blame shift? How are you judging yourself or judging him?  How is that helping the situation?  Maybe you've resigned yourself to seeing it as an "impossible" relationship that just cannot be improved.  The options you might see could feel limited to staying silent to avoid conflict or leaving the company.  What if the real opportunity is learning to resolve conflict?  What if leaving without resolving this shows up again in your next position?

If your current strategy isn't working effectively, maybe it's time to try a new approach. What if your boss is doing the best he/she can based on his/her level of consciousness and perspective based on past experiences?  What can you do more proactively to improve the relationship?  Next time, start by checking in with yourself. How much do you want to be right more than you want to improve the relationship? If your intention is genuinely to improve your relationship with your boss, it's much more disarming. Others feel the energy of our intentions, which either brings us together or pushes us apart. What do you really want in the end?   

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