New Job? Support Your Personal Transition

Leadership transitions can be especially challenging. Start before day one. Before you begin the job, take a break to plan and prepare for your new role. This could be a week or a month, depending on what you really need to get done and what’s ahead for you. Think strategically about what you’ll need to do, so that you walk in feeling invigorated and excited. During this time off between jobs, take time to support your personal transition process.

1. Renew & re-energize. There’s real value in you doing this for the organization, it’s not a selfish request for you to walk in the door feeling ready for the road ahead. This might include spending time with family and friends, taking care of overdue medical and dental issues, reading a good book, exercise, or anything else that works for you. You will be busy getting up to speed in your new role, so you want to be in a relaxed, clear thinking state of mind, energized for the journey.
2. Reflect on everything you’ve learned about the organization during your interview process and research. What impressions are you left with so far? What have you have learned about leadership and who are the leaders that you have respected most? How can these lessons be helpful in your new role?
3. Anticipate your challenges and plan for them. Begin to develop a hypothesis about what might be most challenging for you, and create a preliminary plan-in-process for how you’ll address these issues.
4. Plan for ongoing self-care. You might even think about what chores you can hire out. Maybe you want to have some non-negotiables in your schedule, like dinner with the family two nights a week at a minimum. Think of a couple of strategies that help you manage stress and commit to doing them. This is really important – we can’t do our most productive, best work when we’re overly stressed.
5. Schedule time for reflection.  I’d suggest weekly at a minimum. For example, I have a client who stops at a coffee shop every Friday morning and spends an hour going over his goals, reflecting on progress from the last week and identifying priorities for the coming week.

Enjoy the journey and have fun!

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