When it Feels Like you Have To vs. Want To

"Have to" vs. "want to"...where's your energy?  The things we tell ourselves we "have to" do are not as motivating or energizing as things that we "want to" do.  What would have to change to make that thing you "have to" do become a "want to"?  What activities that you "have to" do are draining your energy?  What activities do you "want to" do that give you energy?  Pay attention to the balance of have to vs. want to happening in your life. How true is it that all of the "have to" items are really necessary now?  How true is it that the "want to" items are less of a priority for you?

Whatever energizes us carries over to other areas of our lives.  Give yourself permission to add something to your schedule that replenishes you.  You might be surprised to see how much more productive you are in return.  Pay attention to your own self-talk and notice what inspires action!

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