Learn From Your Triggers When You Feel Irritated

The next time you're feeling irritated, make it about you. What is it that has triggered your reaction? How could the very experience of irritation and your awareness of it be helpful for you?

Here's a personal realization that maybe some of you will relate to. Needing to be in control has been a recurring theme for me. Just when I think I've mastered this, a new opportunity arises that says "maybe you're not quite done with this issue." The problem is that when I'm triggered, I become less resourceful at actually addressing the situation.

Here's a look at shifting consciousness: 1) I recognized the trigger, 2) I realized I was getting in my own way, 3) I tried to look at the bigger picture so that I could learn from the situation, 4) I looked for how I could bring positive energy to the situation rather than resistance and irritation, 5) I gave thanks for the mirror to my own development, recognizing that without it I wouldn't have the opportunity to grown and learn. How can you learn from your own challenges? Maybe try these 5 steps yourself. Good luck and let me know how it works out for you!

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