The Energy Behind Employee Engagement

"When trust, values and a purpose-driven mission exist to a statistically significant degree and guide leadership, decision-making and behavior, these “enablers” give rise to a highly inspired group of super-engaged employees." (see referenced article)

So, how do you accomplish employee engagement? Consider an "energetic" approach. The human body is an energy system, and it is affected by our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors. There are two types of energy that we experience as human beings, catabolic energy and anabolic energy. Catabolic energy is draining, destructive energy that repels success and creates stress for us. Anabolic energy is constructive, healing, building energy that attracts success. All thoughts have an energetic consequence – either catabolic energy or anabolic energy ensues. Energy Leadership Coaching is a comprehensive approach to development, focusing on releasing catabolic energy and shifting towards anabolic energy:

"Lack of employee engagement continues to be a central factor in the performance and success of organizations...current methods of increasing engagement have either not been effective, or have only been marginally effective.

Even a small change toward energy in the Anabolic range could save thousands of jobs and create billions of dollars in profit – since Anabolic energy increases productivity, enjoyment on the job, and innovation while reducing attrition and absenteeism." - Karen A. Buck, MS and Diana Galer, Ph.D., CPC, ELI-MP, AC

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