Covid 19 Survey Results: From our Clients & Networks

It’s hard to do our best and most creative thinking when we are stressed and many people are feeling overwhelmed. From a recent survey we conducted from our past clients and network, we learned that the greatest concerns reported are:  underlying medical concerns for self or loved ones (47%), sleep struggles (40%), loneliness, anxiety or depression (38%), financial insecurity & burnout tied (35%).

  • Other challenges:  difficulty of being separated from loved ones, studying from home while working from home (college students), home-schooling and caring for children, stress eating/drinking, boredom, job search fears, tension with spouse/family
  • Benefits of being home:  using tech to connect, more time for exercise & self-care, no commute time, more time with pets & family members, better eating, starting spring projects
  • Resources helpful now: guided meditations (52%), articles on health & wellbeing (40%), articles on leadership (29%)

We also heard a lot of gratitude. Kudos to the many employers who have been so supportive and responsive, and are trying their best to not only focus on customer needs but the very real needs of their employees. There was also some great advice to others that was shared:

  • "As stress and anxiety are likely higher, it's easier to judge ourselves more harshly...and then do the same to others. Breath. Think before reacting so it is a response that you can stand by."
  • "Take some days off if you are working from home to reset yourself, reorganize your life and help your kids cope. It's going to get worse before it gets better and if you don't have
  • some sort of organization in the works, it's going to just get harder."
  • "Always look for the silver lining. One thing I’ve realized about this time is that it is teaching me to appreciate what I have and how grateful I am. It’s bringing our family closer as we are spending even more time together and appreciating the small things."
  • "Stay engaged with your employees so they don’t feel isolated. Be forgiving when their kids interrupt a meeting or they need extra time offline due to family and personal needs."

What’s one thing you can do to feel a sense of direction and progress in your life right now?  If we can help, we would love to. In the meantime, work well, live well and be well.

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