• Networking: Communicating Your Career Story Effectively

    Whether you’re interviewing for a job, networking, at a cocktail party, or even crafting your Linkedin profile, a powerful elevator pitch can be a great opportunity to: Create a positive first impression Tell where you are coming from and where are you going Convey your sense of purpose, or your... Read more »
  • Learn From Your Triggers When You Feel Irritated

    The next time you're feeling irritated, make it about you. What is it that has triggered your reaction? How could the very experience of irritation and your awareness of it be helpful for you? Here's a personal realization that maybe some of you will relate to. Needing to be in... Read more »
  • How Are Your Challenges Transforming You?

    "Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors." - African Proverb Are you at the cause or effect of whatever you are struggling with? When we're at the effect of a situation, we are reactive and our ego gets in the way of seeing positive possibilities. When we're at the cause... Read more »
  • The Energy Behind Employee Engagement

    "When trust, values and a purpose-driven mission exist to a statistically significant degree and guide leadership, decision-making and behavior, these “enablers” give rise to a highly inspired group of super-engaged employees." (see referenced article) So, how do you accomplish employee engagement? Consider an "energetic" approach. The human body is an... Read more »
  • Getting Past the Fear of Public Speaking

    Sometimes when we’re giving a speech or presentation, we’re really in the flow and it seems like nothing can go wrong. Other days, it seems like nothing can go right. What makes the difference? Even more importantly, if we start to give a speech and feel like it’s going downhill,... Read more »
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