• When Your Plans Are Interrupted, Find the Opportunity

    A couple of days ago I gave a workshop to MBA students at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. They are always an engaging group and it's great fun to work with them. There were several weather related delays getting to Ithaca. We had 10+ inches of snow in progress here... Read more »
  • What? No Bonus? Now What?!

    You just found out there will be no year-end bonuses at your company. Take a moment and write down your reaction to that news. How does that make you feel, what thoughts run through your head? What’s the story you tell yourself about the situation? Just make a quick note... Read more »
  • Helping for the Long Run

    You have a deadline approaching. One of your employees is struggling to get the job done. His ability to do the work timely will impact the team's ability to meet the deadline. What's really going on? Slow down and think it through in order to move to a productive solution.... Read more »
  • How You Benefit When You Stop Blaming Your Boss

    Your boss is a jerk. You've had lots of opportunity to see it differently, but he shows up consistently angry and blaming others. What's your reaction to the situation? Do you shut down and go silent? Defend yourself or blame shift? How are you judging yourself or judging him? How... Read more »
  • The Power of Asking Better Questions

    Make a habit of asking yourself positive questions. Train your brain to see positive possibilities and watch them begin to manifest in your life. Can you see the difference in the energy of these questions? Why do I always get these problems? Why does this always happen to me? Vs.... Read more »
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