• How to Negotiate Work-Life Balance

    At a recent webinar we presented, one of the questions asked was "How can we better negotiate a better work-life balance environment during the interview?" This is a great question and a growing concern. Research supports that working excessive hours reaches a point of diminishing returns in productivity, employee engagement... Read more »
  • How to Give Feedback That's Future Oriented

    Have you ever received feedback that left you feeling criticized or defensive? Critical feedback can be hard to hear. Even though we want to get better and we know we need honest feedback in order to do that, we can get triggered emotionally and actually resist it. The problem with... Read more »
  • Managing Conflicted Relationships By Building Trust and Breaking Resistance

    I believe that by doing the work to understand our own stress responses, we can begin to understand that others have faced the same challenges and can respond with the energy of compassion and connection rather than reacting with judgment and separation. I believe that at our core we all... Read more »
  • The Difference Between Managing and Leading (Hint: We want Leaders, not Managers)

    When you think of managing, what does that imply? For me, it suggests that someone needs to be managed. There’s an underlying belief or assumption that the subordinate may not be as resourceful as you (the manager) are. They need direction because on some level, they lack their own initiative... Read more »
  • When Your Plans Are Interrupted, Find the Opportunity

    A couple of days ago I gave a workshop to MBA students at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. They are always an engaging group and it's great fun to work with them. There were several weather related delays getting to Ithaca. We had 10+ inches of snow in progress here... Read more »
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