• How to Give Feedback With Better Odds That It Will Be Well Received

    How comfortable are you giving "critical" / "productive" feedback to others? Often we avoid it all together because we're afraid of the other person's reaction. In the workshops we've given on this topic, the nearly universal response we hear is that people feel like they don't get meaningful feedback with... Read more »
  • How Clear Is Your Business Plan?

    Maybe you’re thinking of starting a small business or you’re already in business, but you’re struggling with direction. Take time to strategize and pull together a business plan. Great ideas are a terrific starting point for a new business, but there's much more to actually turning your ideas into a... Read more »
  • How To Be a Successful Career Switcher

    Changing career direction successfully takes clarity, confidence and courage. Before you can convince someone else you’re right for the job, you have to be convinced yourself. Here are a few helpful steps: Step 1. Start with why you want to make the change Get clear on what is motivating your... Read more »
  • Why Feedback Seeking is Critical for Development

    Why would you want to seek feedback if you expect you’ll hear something you don’t really want to hear? We might fear that if we ask someone for their honest feedback, we won’t be able to handle their response. Who really wants to open themselves up to criticism, which feels... Read more »
  • New Job? Support Your Personal Transition

    Leadership transitions can be especially challenging. Start before day one. Before you begin the job, take a break to plan and prepare for your new role. This could be a week or a month, depending on what you really need to get done and what’s ahead for you. Think strategically... Read more »
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