Extraordinary leaders don't get there alone.

We work with high-potential professionals and senior leaders who are inspired to live their lives to the fullest and are committed to personal growth.  Our coaches specialize in the intersection of leadership development and career management.  We help individuals advance their careers with greater fulfillment and businesses build successful leaders and teams so that their organizations thrive.

We are passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations develop their human potential.  Our goal is to help you achieve sustainable change with a ripple effect of positive impact in the world.  When one person improves, the stakeholders of that individual benefit as well. 

Think of us as your development thought-partner.  Our approach is customized for each individual client's needs.  Together, we will explore your current challenges and design a program to address your goals.

Our Mission

Through compassionate partnership we collaborate with individuals, teams, and organizations to optimize their potential and unleash their best selves, to make a meaningful, positive impact in the world.

Our Core Values

  • Mutual Learning - We maximize our learning and leverage our strengths as a team to bring our best to each other and our clients.  We explore challenges with curiosity about each other's knowledge, experiences and perspectives as we seek to design solutions. 
  • Trusted Collaboration - We communicate openly and act with integrity, encouraging authenticity, embracing vulnerability and keeping our commitments to ourselves and our team.
  • Compassion - We care deeply about one another and support each other.  We act with kindness and compassion towards each other and ourselves.
  • Positivity - We are whole-heartedly committed to bringing positive energy and an optimistic mindset to all we do. We find joy in the journey and take time to breathe to ensure peace and sustainability.
  • Fun - We build happiness and fun into our work, which strengthens our team and brings more joy to all we do.

We believe that these core values taken together enable us to be better together.  

Mindful Leadership

Interested in bringing mindful leadership to your organization?  We help make mindfulness and emotional intelligence practical and accessible with Search Inside Yourself programs, focusing on Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Leadership. Our core program starts with a highly interactive two-day in-person training followed by a four-week online journey. Our programs yield increased focus and attention, resilience, self awareness, emotional regulation, creativity and innovative thinking and improved overall well-being, an ability to manage stress, and to communicate skillfully.

Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher